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No Fees

Nobody likes to worry about paying for the service and having to pay outstanding platform fees on top of the service. Not only is Brownce free to access, but there are also no platform fees! Put those extra coins towards tipping your beauty professionals well. -wink wink-

All-in-one Platform

At Brownce, we aim to simplify your beauty routine by offering a comprehensive platform where you can manage all your beauty needs. Say goodbye to the complexity of juggling multiple apps and hello to the simplicity of managing all your beauty needs in one place. From finding nearby beauty professionals to scheduling appointments with ease, receiving timely reminders, making secure payments, and staying connected through our exclusive messaging system, Brownce has got you covered. Streamline your beauty routine and experience the convenience of having everything you need at your fingertips.

Help Other Browncers Get To Know You

When we say we built a community around beauty, we really mean it! Create an engaging profile for other Browncers to check out and learn more about you. Choose your location and gender. Pick and answer three questions from the question bank. Don't forget to rate your tenderhead level on a scale of 1 - 10. This will also help your hairstylist understand you more!

Push Notifications & Email Reminders

We understand life gets busy when you are trying to juggle multiple activities at once. That's why Brownce makes sure you don't have to set an alarm reminder. We do that for you! Push notifications and email reminders are sent to you to remind you about your upcoming appointment. We also send notifications and reminders to your clients as well so everyone is on the same page!

Our Beauty Professional Directory

Do you get overwhelmed trying to look for someone to do your hair, nails, or even make-up? You know there are plenty of beauty professionals out there, but you don't know where to start. It can be difficult, especially for our community. That's why we are here to help you. The Brownce Beauty Professional Directory helps you find your ideal beauty professional. You can either look on the map to see who is around you or answer our questionnaire that takes in account your preferred beauty service, budget, and distance. Then, Boom! We found your ideal beauty professional for you.

Rate Your Beauty Professional

Show your beauty professional some love (or not) with our rating system! You can rate your beauty professional on 5 categories: communication, professionalism, cleanliness, service, and punctuality. Any feedback is good feedback and will help the beauty professional grow!

Shop Talk

Do you need advice on how to treat your 4c hair? Interested in learning more about different hair products? Or do you simply want to talk about last night’s Real Housewives of Atlanta episode? ShopTalk is a community forum that provides a safe space for Black and Brown people to start and engage in conversations around beauty, culture, and many other topics!

The Marketplace

Looking for a place to purchase a new body butter? Stop by the marketplace! The Brownce Marketplace is available at your convenience to purchase products. The Marketplace is included in membership at no extra cost!

See how Brownce works!

Do you still have questions about Brownce and how it works? Take a look at our Brownce customer's tutorial that helps you better understand how Brownce works. In this video, you will get a chance to see all of the features including, the Beauty Professional Directory, ShopTalk, The Marketplace, and many more! If you want to ask us questions directly, feel free to reach out to us at